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Episode #3 Title: It’s All About Speed!

The tree is known by it’s fruit! Plus 2 develops Fast Fast athletes. Especially, if we control most of the variables in the training. We aren’t reinventing the wheel, but we do have a system and pretty incredible technology. Some of which is exclusive technology that is only available in very few facilities/institutions in the world. And everyone has a need, a need for SPEED! Listen in and you’ll know what it takes to run 4.3 or faster!!

Episode #2 Title: Adversity - Friend or Foe?

Your storm is coming! Adversity plays no favorites so its better you face it often and early. You will build thicker skin and becomes stronger for it if you keep going. The valleys suck, they’re not easy for anyone because we are human, but it’s your human choice to remain there.

Episode #1 - Why we are here and what it’s all about.

Coach Eric Lichter got back in the arena of athlete performance training for very specific reasons. Reasons that have forged a clear focus and mission, not only in coaching, training, and program design to build and develop speed that wins in sports, but encourages and elevates athletes at any age and level to prepare and compete in all they do.


In this episode you’ll learn about the 2% philosophy and movement.

How Plus 2 is way more than a top speed training facility.

What today’s athletes need more than ever. And how we are truly breaking the mold of the generally accepted “athlete’s grind” that more is more.

Buckle up. Hold on tight. You are about to go Fast Fast.

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