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The Fast Fast Moving World of College Recruiting

This episode dives straight into answering the questions aspiring collegiate athletes and their parents want to know about the highly competitive recruiting process. How the transfer portal has impacted it?  What is the philosophy, methods, and timing Division I college recruiters use to identify, evaluate, and verify talent?
Coach Eric discusses the opportunities, and important markers for each stage of a high school athletes pursuit to obtain a scholarship.
Where to get noticed. What gets you on the radar. What produces an offer. Plus much more insight you can take hold of and put to use. 

Building better moving athletes.

Speed transcends ALL Sports. It’s everywhere you look and every athletes wants the most of it that they can possibly have.
The good news is SPEED can absolutely be coached and SPEED can be enhanced. How can we be so sure? Success leaves clues.
Coach E shares a specific list detailing the many reasons every athlete should run track. At a minimum needing to incorporate proper sprint training in their performance program to become their best. 

New Year. New Paths Ahead.

Got Goals for the New Year? How about we cut to the chase and accomplish them all?
First podcast in 2022 and Coach E is talking goals and the direct path for blazing a trail for progress and achievement.
The difference between motivation and discipline. The huge gap between “I Will and Thus Done!”

Episode #7 Title:Winning with the Right People. Meet The Plus 2 University Team.

One is too small of a number to achieve Greatness. You Win with the right people.

In this special episode of the Fast Fast Podcast you’ll get the inside scoop on the people, personalities, and heart that make Plus 2 U GO. Their education, background, skills and contributions. A diverse and dedicated team of talented individuals that are making a positive impact and developing success in the athletes we serve.

Episode #6 Title: Plus 2 U Programs and Offerings - What, Who, and How. Foundational movement skills and patterns, rate of force development, structured strength training, building top speed and becoming fast fast.

Coach Eric discusses all Plus 2 U Programs and breaks down the design, focus, frequency, intensity, and expected outcomes.
Three Primary buckets to serve the needs, development and goals of the athletes. All ages and development levels.

From foundational movement skills and patterns, rate of force development, structured strength training, to building top speed and becoming fast fast.

So many questions answered and great detail provided. It’s Go time! Time to go #FastFast.

Episode #5 Title: Overtraining: The Problems & What Needs to Change

Be Patient! Slow down the process. Less is usually MORE!And Never lose sight of the Massive Importance having a solid, and balanced foundation will ultimately have on future and consistent success.
P.S. Don’t Give Up on kids at early ages. PLAY THE LONG GAME!!!#IntelligentProgramming #SmartGrind


Episode #3 Title: It’s All About Speed!

The tree is known by it’s fruit! Plus 2 develops Fast Fast athletes. Especially, if we control most of the variables in the training. We aren’t reinventing the wheel, but we do have a system and pretty incredible technology. Some of which is exclusive technology that is only available in very few facilities/institutions in the world. And everyone has a need, a need for SPEED! Listen in and you’ll know what it takes to run 4.3 or faster!!

Episode #2 Title: Adversity - Friend or Foe?

Your storm is coming! Adversity plays no favorites so its better you face it often and early. You will build thicker skin and becomes stronger for it if you keep going. The valleys suck, they’re not easy for anyone because we are human, but it’s your human choice to remain there.

Episode #1 - Why we are here and what it’s all about.

Coach Eric Lichter got back in the arena of athlete performance training for very specific reasons. Reasons that have forged a clear focus and mission, not only in coaching, training, and program design to build and develop speed that wins in sports, but encourages and elevates athletes at any age and level to prepare and compete in all they do.


In this episode you’ll learn about the 2% philosophy and movement.

How Plus 2 is way more than a top speed training facility.

What today’s athletes need more than ever. And how we are truly breaking the mold of the generally accepted “athlete’s grind” that more is more.

Buckle up. Hold on tight. You are about to go Fast Fast.

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