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Culture is the beliefs, values, mind-sets, and practices that distinguish one group from another.

At the very core of Plus 2 University’s foundation is the belief that it can always be done better. That 2% improvement day in and day out is how to maximize growth and success. Just 2 degrees more of intention, effort, focus and discipline is how one becomes Elite.

It is far less important who is right than what is right. Mastering the process is how to ensure the outcome. The tree is known by its fruit. Our mission is to impact, serve and transform as many lives as possible.

We know Who we are, What we do well, and most importantly, Why we do it. We are obsessed with creating value and producing extraordinary outcomes through Speed, Power and High-Performance training.

It’s not by accident that our brand is represented by champions and championship performances. It’s through decades of experience and the never-ending pursuit to improve our coaching, programming, leadership as well as the understanding and application of scientific principles and biomechanics. Our training programs and decisions are influenced and driven by data collection and analysis.

We don’t rely on subjective opinion. If it can be measured, we measure it. If it can be improved, we improve it. If it is broken, we fix it. If we made an error, we own it. If credit is due, we give it and share it. Accuracy, honesty, reliability and transparency are principles that our athletes and clients know won’t be compromised here under any circumstances.

Embrace hard. Learn from setbacks. Master the process to control the outcome. Lead yourself first, then lead others. The best you +2 more!

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“Our superior knowledge is key but it’s our investment in technology and equipment that gives us our true competitive advantage”

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